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ilcerreto biologicoicea

Biodynamics, organics hulled wheat pasta

The hulled wheat pasta is highly digestible as it is made by employing only triticum dicoccum hulled wheat, which we meticulously select and grow in the Cecina Valley strictly through the organic method. The flour is made by a cylinder mill with organic certification. The hulled wheat is an ancient cereal rich in fibres, proteins and nutritional values, which are present also in the end product thanks to the low temperature at which we dry it.

The drying process takes a long time: about 24 hours for the long pasta and about 8 hours for the short pasta. Our pasta is obtained by semi-wholegrain hulled wheat flour and it processed through the bronze wire-drawing machine. Such machines are characterised by a particular structure that doesn't lend pasta a smooth aspect – like the common pasta types - but rather rough. This helps to hold the condiment and to make the pasta far more appetizing. Manufacturing process: semi-wholegrain flour dough, bronze wire-drawing, drying process at maximum 45°, wrapping, packaging.