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ilcerreto biologicoicea

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Il Cerreto farm, our story.

In 1998 Carlo and Paola decided to revolutionise their lives. With three children and a luggage filled with dreams, they left the big city, abandoning the frantic life of a noisy and neglectful Milan. Their gaze turns towards a little hamlet that Carlo's father had bought years before. A dreamlike place where to regain self consciousness and life's core. It's exactly in that area, completely overlooked by nature, that they shaped their future. Here's how Il Cerreto was born: an organic farm stretching for 370 hectares within the winding and scented hills of Tuscany.

It was like an internal change to them. The first restoration works began from the ancient tower dated 1700, later followed by all the other buildings according to the biobuilding rules: they only aimed at creating a healthy and natural environment. That's how the eight flats and the six bedrooms were born, all suitable accommodations for those who wish relishing peace and harmony surrounded by a nature that still has things to tell. At the same time, Carlo, successful financial consultant unrelated to the laws regulating the farming business, developed the idea to let that fertile and wide land bloom again. Therefore, supported and helped by an external collaborator, he immediately started with an organic farming.

The first sowing and crops started. A year and half later they obtained the certification of organic farm. Year by year the workload grew, as well as the family with two children more and the beloved land began to flourish. Today, Il Cerreto is a charming agritourism and a big organic farm able to self-produce, using the renewable energy sources, the 60% of the needed energy it needs. Carlo and Paola still keep on dreaming and working, respecting and caring of the friendly voice of nature.