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ilcerreto biologicoicea

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Our philosophy


What am I doing in turn for life?

Once we realise that less and less people act in favour of life, the only solution is to look for a proper way to change things. That will is what inspired the organic farm Il Cerreto. It derives from a deep feeling of responsibility towards nature: it seems to ask us help for facing the human arrogance, which has too often coloured and modified it upon his tastes.

By using techniques proper of the biodynamic farming, the farm Il Cerreto operates in combination with all the nature forces, believing in the essential bond between microcosm and macrocosm. Planets and stars motion, yet influence the organisms on the Earth by interacting with their growth; it sets the seeding and the harvest cadence, as well as the rotation of the cultivations.

Land, plantations, meadows and woods, together with rivers and animals communicate one another to create the needed harmony to keep the environment healthy, vital and fertile.

These are the feelings spread in the air while visiting and tasting the fruits of Il Cerreto: love for our land and absolute respect for life.